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Key points and precautions for the use and maintenance of filters

⑴. The main points of the use and maintenance of the filter

①. When installing the filter, pay attention to the direction of the liquid flow marked on the housing, and install it correctly in the hydraulic system;

②. When the filter pressure difference indicator shows a red signal, clean or replace the filter element in time;

③. The filter element should be cleaned or replaced regularly, and external pollutants should be prevented from intruding into the working system during cleaning and replacement;

④. When the filter element is cleaned, the port of the filter element should be blocked to prevent the cleaned dirt from entering the inner cavity of the filter element and causing internal pollution;

⑤. The failure of the filter is generally that the filter element is blocked or the filter element is deformed, bent, dented, flattened and broken down, etc. The method of repair is to clean or replace the filter element.

⑵. Examples of some attention problems in the use of filters

①. The flow capacity of the filter should be greater than 2 times the flow rate during normal operation;

②. When choosing a filter, pay attention to the reasonable selection of the filter element;

③. It is strictly forbidden for oil to flow in both directions in the filter;

④. The precision of the oil suction filter should not be too high;

⑤. The filter set in the pipeline should have a blockage alarm device;

⑥. The flow capacity of the return oil filter cannot be simply selected according to the pump flow rate;

⑦. When using water glycol medium, a special filter must be selected.

Types and characteristics of coolers



cooling effect


Column tube type: fixed folded plate type, floating head type, double tube type, U-shaped tube type, vertical type, horizontal type, etc.

Cooling water flows through the tubes and oil flows between the tubes. The middle folding plate deflects the oil, and adopts a two-way or four-way flow method to enhance the cooling effect.

Good heat dissipation effect, the heat dissipation coefficient can reach 350~580W/(m2·℃)

Corrugated plate type: herringbone corrugated type, oblique corrugated type, etc.

The contact points formed by the superposition and arrangement of the plate-shaped herringbone or oblique corrugated structure make the liquid flow form turbulent flow when the flow rate is not high, and improve the heat dissipation effect

Good heat dissipation effect, the heat dissipation coefficient can reach 230~815W/(m2·℃)


Air-cooled: indirect, fixed and floating or supported and suspended, etc.

Use air to cool the oil, such a cooler is simple in structure, small in size, light in weight, small in thermal resistance, large in heat exchange area, easy to use and install

Good heat dissipation effect, the heat dissipation coefficient can reach116~175W/(m2·℃)

Refrigerated cooler

Mechanical refrigeration type: box type, cabinet type

Use Freon refrigeration principle to absorb and discharge heat in hydraulic oil

Good cooling effect, convenient cooling temperature control

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