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Material and performance of TBM disc roller cutter

Material and performance of TBM disc roller cutter

Materials of cutter ring

     According to cutter ring’s working conditions, the material of cutter ring should meet the following properties:

1) high yield strength to avoid the blade in the high stress down deformation;

2) high enough hardness, increasing wear resistance, reducing cutter ring wear;

3) good impact toughness, improving the material crack extension work, preventing cutter ring fracture;

4) good temper resistance, improving the thermal stability of material, protecting the cuttren ring in the process of hot charging and rolling rock from reduce hardness.

5) good thermal and cold working process performance, low materials cost, easy fabrication, improving product percent of pass.
     At present there are two broad categories of the roller cutter ring :overall Wear resistant steel material and steel with hard alloy ball tooth materials.
    Overall wear resistant steel cutter ring is mainly composed of alloy tool steel, alloy structural steel, the hardness is in HRC52-59. It can bear larger impact, high wear-resisting performance, low manufacturing costing, wide applicable formation. It can be chosen from both the soft rock and hard rock .     

    Ball tooth cutter ring is inlaid on the steel substrate cemented carbide cutter head, the hard alloy tool bit spherical or wedge, carbide hardness is HRA85-88. It is generally believed that when the compressive strength of more than 175 mpa hard rock, we should chose ball tooth cutter ring, it well solved the cutter ring hardness (mainly by the alloy ball head meet the hardness) and toughness (cutter ring matrix does not require too high hardness and toughness increase) the contradiction, it’s life is 3 to 5 times than the steel cutter ring.But the manufacturing cost is higher.

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