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The structure and materials of the shield machine scraper

The structure and materials of the shield machine scraper

     Scraper is made up by knife holder, knife body and the blade of three parts, knife holder is connected with the knife dish and connected to the knife dish welding as Pre-cutting Bit, bolt joint as edge scraper, bolt link as the front scraper. Scraper replacemented of parts of the roll cutter tooth blade or cutter and installed in the same way of roll cutter.

     Some knife holder is with the body into an organic whole, some is welded with the body. With knife blade welding material is generally low carbon low alloy steel.

     Knife body plays a role of support and protection of carbide blade, should have sufficient strength and abrasion resistance. It usually choices the carbon in the alloy steel quenched or empty to make the hardness of more than HRC40, also often use the surface hardening technology or local welding wear-resisting layer.

     Scraping blade is the key part in geotechnical and protect the blade of wear and tear , is usually made by the model for YG11C carbide. According to the size and shape parts, function, formation to design the scraper.

     Connecting the knife blade and the knife body is the critical problem, the specific process have brazing, Mosaic and inlay welding, connection strength requirement is greater than 250 mpa. When brazing, soldering and welding method, process is very critical. Soldering has two kings: copper and silver. Welding method has high frequency welding and vacuum welding, etc.

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