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TBM Roller Cutters’ Sealing Device

TBM Roller Cutters’ Sealing Device

    Sealing is the guarantee of roll cutters’ lumen lubricant out of leak and prevent the foreign substance into, and it is very important to guarantee the normal work of the bearing and prolonging the working life . The TBM roller cutter used the metal floating ring to seal.

    Using the metal floating ring sealing is belonged to mechanical rotary sealing solution, this sealing can living up to 5000 hours under the condition of uniform load, excellent lubrication test. Due to the complex and changeable work stress conditions, certain external pressure of medium etc, when the roller cutter works, seal’s life will reduce a lot, but it still can satisfy the requirements of the use of roller cutter.

    The metal floating ring seal consists of two separate metal seal rings and two elastic rubber sealing rings.With the floating ability, the seal can compensate assembly side clearance or prevent deflection. The metal sealing ring is the main parts of the sealing device, its structure and quality is decisived. Metal sealing ring adopts high hardness, wear resistance of high chromium molybdenum iron material, hardness is HRC60-65, the work surface roughness Ra is less than or equal to 0.1 um, surface flatness is less than or equal to 0.0015 mm.

Characteristics of metal sealing ring:

(1) Adopting 4 degrees slope and curvature radius of spherical ring and planar ring structure, it is conducived to form oil film, to ensure the bearing lubricating oil leakage and prevent soil bearing grease into the bearing chamber;

(2) Using high roughness and hardness of the working face, to reduce the friction resistance, making the face joint good, improving the sealing performance;

(3) The floating seal ring used in composite rubber 0 type sealing ring, it has the characteristics of big compressibility and resilience. It always puts pressure on the metal ring, letting the metal ring face contact all the time, to ensure the bearing lubricating oil leakage and prevent soil bearing grease into the bearing chamber, and sealing effect.

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