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Temperature heating of aluminum alloy billet

The temperature of the heating furnace is controlled by the temperature of the heating furnace, so that the temperature of the billet is changed along the length of the billet in order to offset the temperature near the die hole. This method is especially suitable for the case of induction heating. The heating temperature difference between the front end and the back end of the blank, should be based on the combination of theoretical calculation and practical experience to be determined.
Taking aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion as an example, the most simple method to realize the gradient distribution of temperature in the billet by induction heating is as follows. At first, the billet is heated to an appropriate intermediate temperature, and then the blank is moved out of the coil in the air, and a temperature gradient is generated by the heat conduction in the blank. When the extrusion temperature is higher, the end of the billet is fed into the extrusion cylinder. By controlling the heating process, the temperature difference between the two ends of the blank can be reached above 100. Another way to achieve gradient heating method is for a long billet, the induction coil to partition control, line into high, medium and low three areas, the front end of the billet heating temperature is higher, the rear area heating temperature is low.
In the gap between the end of the billet and the gap of the extrusion cylinder, the temperature distribution along the length direction of the end surface is changed into a S shape curve. Therefore, the appropriate control of the process of the extrusion of the blank after the blank is out, and the temperature gradient of the blank is changed.
Obviously, the corresponding relation between the temperature gradient and the temperature of the corresponding product also depends on the other parameters, such as extrusion speed.

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