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Extrusion of aluminum alloy billet

The basic principle of the billet temperature extrusion is the temperature gradient distribution along the length of the blank to compensate for the temperature rise caused by the deformation and friction (as the case of most aluminum alloy extrusion) or the temperature decrease (e.g., copper alloy, steel material extrusion).
Most aluminum alloy can be extruded, but it can be used in practical production because of the increasing temperature of the product, which limits the use of high extrusion speed. As a result, the isothermal extrusion of most aluminum alloy can be controlled by the temperature of the front end and the back end of the temperature.
Through the temperature compensation of the billet, the temperature of the product out of the die is maintained at the same time, which is beneficial to the increase of the extrusion speed, so as to improve the production efficiency.
For some of the poor of the alloy, if the increase of extrusion speed limit, or increase the significance of the extrusion speed is not outstanding, the front end of the high and low end of the billet temperature control is conducive to the extrusion at the beginning of the higher temperature, lower breaking through the extrusion force, which is conducive to the extrusion of longer billet. This situation has important practical significance for the extrusion production of some 2000 series and 7000 series products.
There are two ways to realize the control of the high and low temperature of the aluminum alloy extrusion billet, the heating method of the ladder and the temperature of the cooling method of the temperature of the.
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